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949 Racing Wheel Limited Warranty

  1. Wheels Manufactured After 2022

    • Lifetime Structural Warranty: Covers lifetime against cracks or fractures. Lifetime is defined as the functional service life of the wheel.
    • One-Year Warranty: Covers materials, workmanship, and cosmetic defects for one year. Valid until the specific product variant is discontinued, no longer available, or up to two years from the date of purchase, whichever is first.
    • Limitations: Warranty is non-transferable and applicable only to the original owner with retail purchase documentation.
  2. Wheels Manufactured Before 2022

    • Three-Year Warranty: Covers defects, materials, and workmanship.
    • Discontinued Products: If discontinued or no longer available, warranty claims are settled via store credit at 949Racing.com.
  3. Exclusions and Limitations

    • Exclusions Include: Costs related to tire dismounting, rebalancing, shipping, alignment, etc.
    • Non-Covered Conditions: Powder coating, bends, direct impact damage, excessive brake dust damage, improper cleaning agents, road salt damage, improper tire mounting, driving with an uninflated tire, modifications, exceeding load specifications, stunt driving, etc.
    • Motorsport Risks: Acknowledgment that motorsports carry inherent risks, with no warranties guaranteeing personal safety or injury prevention.
  4. Warranty Claims and Procedures

    • Claim Initiation: Product must be returned to 949 Racing for warranty determination.
    • Customer Responsibility: Shipping to 949 Racing is at the customer’s expense.
    • If Defective: Replacement or credit at 949 Racing’s discretion. 949 Racing covers return shipping if the product is deemed under warranty.
    • Roundness: Specific protocol for claiming out-of-round wheels, including video evidence requirement.
  5. Additional Provisions

    • Service Life and Safety: Regular inspections recommended; wheels must be destroyed if found cracked.
    • Use at Own Risk: No liability for injuries, death, or property loss from using 949 Racing products.
  6. Return Policy

    1. Non-Returnable Items: Items cannot be returned 30 days post-shipment, if tires have been mounted, or if lacking original packaging.
    2. Returnable Items: Must meet conditions such as being unaltered, in original packing, and within 30 days of purchase. Restocking fees apply, and shipping costs are non-refundable.
  7. International and Special Cases

    • Different shipping and return policies apply for customers outside the 48 lower U.S. states.
    • Order cancellation up to 59 days with a full refund, transaction fees deducted thereafter.
  8. Order Defense 949 Racing Policy (Package Protection)

    • Coverage Details

      • Lost Packages: Domestic Shipments: Claims can be filed no sooner than 7 days after the last tracking update and within 30 days from the last checkpoint. International Shipments: Claims can be filed 20 days after the last tracking update or 7 days for shipments within Canada by a Canadian merchant.
      • Stolen Packages: Claims must be filed between 5 and 30 days from the marked delivery date if the package was marked as “delivered” but not received.
      • Damaged Packages: Claims must be filed within 30 days of the delivery date. Requires photographic evidence or other proof of damage.
      • Returned to Sender: 949 Racing does not cover orders marked “return to sender” because they are typically returned due to invalid addresses or the recipient’s refusal.
    • Exclusions

      • Shipping Delays and Customs: 949 Racing does not cover delays caused by carriers or issues held up in customs.
      • Customers are responsible for customs fees and must resolve these issues to receive their package.
      • Incorrect Addresses: Items shipped to incorrect addresses provided by the customer or refused by the recipient are not covered.
      • Unfulfilled or Unshipped Orders: OrderDefense does not cover orders that have not been fulfilled or shipped, as their package protection begins only after shipping.
      • Subscription and Customized Items: Lost, stolen, or damaged items within subscriptions are handled individually if they can be reordered; otherwise, refunds are issued. Customized items cannot be reordered due to the potential for errors in replication; refunds are offered instead.
      • Quality Control: Dissatisfaction with the product quality does not fall under 949 Racing OrderDefense coverage.
      • Out of Stock Items: 949 Racing OrderDefense cannot reorder items that are out of stock and will offer store credit instead.
    • Filing Procedures

      • Incident Statement: may require a notarized statement to verify the identity of the person or entity entitled to payment or replacement, ensuring compliance with legal and financial regulations.
    • Liability and Disclaimer

      • 949 Racing explicitly disclaims liability for packages once they are considered delivered, returned to sender, or if the package suffers delays due to the carrier or customs. The service does not cover issues arising from prohibited items or those excluded by the policy.