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Building a Miata for Autocross vs. Road Racing: Key Differences

Preparing a Miata for motorsports isn't a one-size-fits-all task—especially when deciding between autocross and road racing. Each discipline demands specific modifications to optimize performance, handling, and safety. This blog outlines the key differences in...

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Your Miata’s Suspension

Upgrading the suspension on your Miata can transform its handling, giving you a sharper, more responsive driving experience. Whether you're enhancing comfort for a smoother ride or tuning the suspension for aggressive track days, understanding the options available...

Understanding Wheel Manufacturing: Gravity Cast vs. Flow Form vs. Forged Wheels for Your Miata

When it comes to upgrading your Miata, choosing the right wheels is crucial not only for aesthetics but also for performance. The manufacturing process of the wheels you select can significantly affect their strength, weight, and durability, ultimately influencing...

Smooth Cruising Ahead: Explore Street-Focused Shocks with a 10-Year Warranty!

The journey to a smoother, more responsive driving experience begins with the right set of shocks. At 949 Racing, we understand that the foundation of a memorable ride lies in the balance between comfort and performance. That's why we've developed our street-focused...