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Tecna Reviews

tecna coilover 89 05 miata mx5

Tecna Reviews

These are just some of the Tecna reviews available online. Google: “tecna review” to find more.
Here is the big Tecna review thread on Miata.net 
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tecna coilover 90 05 miata mx5

NA/ NB 1990-2005Heading

JeffGoji & Miyoshi

“Being in the Miata community since 2003 and driving just about every suspension setup under the sun across every generation, I haven’t experienced a setup (including OEM) that rides as well as the Tecna touring does.”

formerdatsun510man 2

3MiataFamily NA

“I did wring the car out prior to the final alignment…put about 150 miles on it Wednesday on a combination of hiway and some of my favorite back road twisties. Amazing is all I got. I have had VMAXX classic..Megans…Illuminas/FM..VMAX TracPack..and driven numerous club cars with Koni/FM..Sportives..ZetaCRD…

These are head and shoulders better all around. A game changer for the NA/NB platform”

formerdatsun510man 2

FormerDatsun510Man NA - Tecna Sport

“I just finished installing the Tecnas with sport springs today and I am SUPER impressed with them!  Rides great! It handles the dips better than my Ohlins on my NC! And this is an old 91 NA! It corners amazingly well and I emphasize that the ride that goes with it is phenomenal. They are simply the best suspension setup I have ever experienced in any Miata.  And the cornering is superb! The body roll is non-existent. Well, at least with these all-season tires. Funny thing is they have a noticeable increase in grip now. I can really dive in the turns fast now. And I still can’t believe how smooth it is with the 9/6 springs.”

enzo gaite 2

@enzogaite NB

path914 MSM

“I will say that if anyone is concerned that the 6k/4k technas will be too soft and not enough of a handling improvement to OEM, don’t be. If anything these have firmer damping than I was expecting and that is not a bad thing. I’m not sure that a better ride/handling balance is possible on an NB miata IMHO. The way the car drives now reminds me most of BMW E46 models which have always been some of my favorite as far as daily driving balance.”


Rodan NB

” I have Xida on our race NA, and they’re fantastic. I just put SPM Tecna on our NB and they are very good… much better than the VMaxx they replaced. “

willy65000 450px

Willy65000 NB

“I had the stock setup on just before the install and I can say without a doubt it’s a huge improvement in how controlled the car feels during aggressive street driving with really no ride quality penalty at all. Considering the fact that my car will probably never see a race track I think this purchase really fits my needs. Nice Job 949 Racing!”

x_25 NA6 Tecna Sport

“On the smaller road imperfections, they are amazing, not quite as butter as the xida were on those, but very close. Throwing them into mid corner drain grates and such, they are far and above better than anything else I have driven on that are not the Xida. .. They just make the road vanish now unless it’s a BIG bump/pothole. I am very impressed. Overall, for the price, I am very impressed, build quality is fantastic as well compared to most other coilovers I have handled ..”

Nice91 NA - Tecna Sport

“Have to put a quick initial review as it started raining when I pulled out of the garage but want to ask, how in the hell do these shocks with 504/336 lb. springs ride better than anything I have ever tried on an NA Miata??? Amazing.”

cduplain red na6 800px

cduplain NA

“I installed my Tecnas last night. To put it succinctly, this setup is phenomenal. Ride comfort is important to me, and my hopes were very high for these. I was not disappointed…Out-of-the-box ride height was exactly what I wanted. I use my Miata almost exclusively for spirited, backroad driving. I bought the Tecnas because I wanted a suspension setup that (1) has OEM levels of ride comfort, (2) improves handling significantly, (3) allows me to lower the car very slightly from OEM height, and (4) does not require rebuilding. So far, the Tecnas have exceeded my expectations.”

jacob watterson 2b

Jacob Watterson NB - Tecna Sport


“Overall 10/10, no complaints from me. Super smooth. Ride quality 10/10. Ride height 9/10, for those that want to go lower (than 4.75”), these don’t. ..I can confidently say they’re much more predictable than my old (Tein Basis) set up. Overall they’re amazing street coilovers.. I’ve been driving at 8 clicks from full stiff and its so much smoother than the cheap coilovers I had before. I don’t have a lot to compare them to in regards to ownership, but they’re the most comfortable coilovers I’ve ever rode on in a Miata (including other peoples’ cars, not just my own). “

msm sport doenat 5

DoeNat NB - Tecna Sport

lauren 1

@lo2slow NB turbo - Tecna Sport

kaitlin 3

Kaitlin NB

instagram story

“New Tecnas installed on my 02 NB! 🌟🧡. I am blown away with the quality & how well my car rides now! Big improvement from the old OEM shocks. We’re ready to hit some curvy roads 😎”

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