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Supermiata HD Alignment Bolt 90-05 Miata*


In stock

In stock

  • Order 8 for complete car

Product Description

Supermiata HD Alignment Bolts 90-05 Miata MX5

Replaces Mazda Part # NAY9-28-6AZ

Get rid of that clunk!
Our heavy duty bolts are grade 10.9 with a max torque spec of 110 ft-lbs (149Nm). If using them on a street-only car, OEM torque specs can be used.

If you have had any recent suspension work and picked up a single loud clunk under hard braking or turning, chances are your alignment bolts are worn out. Another clear symptom of slipping eccentrics is having your steering wheel centered when driving straight then being un-centered or shifting orientation after turning one way, then shifting back when you turn the other way. That is your camber (and toe) changing on one front wheel only from slipped alignment eccentrics.

Order 8 for a complete car

Bolt kit includes:

  • 1x bolt
  • 1x eccentric washer
  • 1x self-locking nut


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