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SuperMiata “Big Grip” Suspension Kit 90-05 Miata


Product Description

Big Grip Suspension Kit (BGK)
89-05 Mazda MX5 Miata

Contents of BGK (Big Grip Kit)  

  • Xida Gen 2 coilovers with your choice of Swift springs – Dual spring upgrade included
  • SuperMiata sway bar kit – Racing Beat front / Supermiata rear w/brace blocks
  • SuperMiata adjustable end links – F & R
  • Supermiata 863 full control arm bushing kit – 95A durometer black bushings
This is the exact same hardware we use on our multiple national championship winning cars

What to order?

Spring rates
22k/11k (1232/616) Hoosier 225/45 ~ 275/35/15, #54106 front bar
16k/9k (896/504) Race – Track or autocross focused, 40~100tw race or 200tw UHP, #54107 front bar
14k/7k (784/392) STS – STS autocross class only
12k/7k (672/392) Sport – For high grip street tires, 200tw. Casual autocross or HPDE. #54105 front bar
10k/6k (560/336) Touring
 – Street comfort, not for 200tw or race tires. 

Click here to Email us if you’re not sure what to order! 

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About Tender (secondary) springs

**Please note potential upper control arm clearance issues with coilovers on 01-05 Miatas.**

1 review for SuperMiata "Big Grip" Suspension Kit 90-05 Miata

  1. cyrus.legg

    This kit turned my “it’s just a fun track car” into something serious. I don’t think I can track on anything else now…thanks to the SUPERMIATA team for another awesome product!

    Modified sports car in home garage.

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