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RX-8 XIDA Coilover


Product Description

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Mazda RX-8 

 “When you are ready for the best”  

RX-8 Xidas use the same dampers from our NC Xida package, but with different rear mounts to take advantage of the additional bump travel of the RX-8 chassis.

RX-8 Xida offer far greater stroke and bump travel than any two-piece coilover on the market, by a huge margin. Our proprietary inverted one-piece rear shock design allows maximum bump travel while maintaining tons of droop travel and ride height adjustment range. This allows even aggressively lowered cars to maintain enough bump travel. The wide damping sweep allows the driver to adjust to soft settings for street driving or very firm and tightly controlled for competition. This wide damping adjustment range means tight, competition level control on the firm settings and plush, buttery ride on the way home from the track or auto-x. All with a simple turn of the damping adjustment knob. High valving sensitivity produces both incredible grip and exceptional ride quality over any paved surface. Tiny ripples or big whoops, Xidas soak it up and keep the car planted.

Xida Reviews


  • Single adjustable, compression & rebound adjustment together, 20 step
  • Inverted rear design for longer travel
  • Full aluminum monotube construction
  • 46mm double digressive piston
  • Billet Coaxial Mounts front and rear
  • Adjustable height spring perches
  • Torrington thrust bearings
  • Swift® springs
  • Custom wound high-rate helper springs
  • 171mm stroke rear, 126mm front stroke
  • High Pressure nitrogen charged
  • 2.5″ diameter springs
  • Ultra wide damping adjustment range
  • Shock Covers included to protect springs and dampers from debris and corrosion
  • 3 year warranty

Spring rate options

Race 14k/9k (784/504) – Track-Focused. 17×9/255 200TW or larger.
Sport  10k/7k (563/392) – Dual-Duty. Tightly controlled street ride, never harsh.

Race – If focused mainly on street and canyon driving, use a 1″ front sway bar with OEM rear. If focused on auto-x or HPDE with 245 or smaller tires, 1 to 1-1/8″ front and 16mm rear.
If 255 or wider Super200 tires focused on maximum grip, 32mm front and 16mm rear.
Race kits ship with spherical bearing style rear mounts for increased precision
130mm ~ 145mm pinch weld height

Sport – Maximum street comfort, occasional auto-x or HPDE. 100% less boat.
Touring Notes: Big sway bars reduce ride quality. For Street use, best with OEM sway bars. The Xidas will greatly reduce body roll and improve sharpness vs. OEM. If in doubt, try them first on stock sway bars. 1″ aftermarket front and stock rear if using 240tw+ for the occasional auto-x or track day. Don’t use a bigger rear sway bar with Touring springs.
Touring kits ship with bushing style rear mounts to reduce NVH.
135mm ~ 155mm pinch weld height

Fully assembled
RX-8 Xida ship fully assembled and ready to install with our billet coaxial mounts, Swift springs and helpers. No need to re-use any parts from your current shocks or mounts.
Touring rear uses urethane rear isolators in mount. Race rear uses spherical bearings in mount.

Optional Travel Limiters – click here


Questions about servicing and maintaining your Xidas? Check out our Xida Maintenance doc here.


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