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12×1.5 949 Racing Forged Alloy Lugs


Product Description

Price per lug - Minimum order qty is 4 lugs. Free shipping on 16 lugs or more.

Mazda - Honda - Chevy - Toyota - Mitsubishi

Lightweight forged 7075 T-6 aluminum hex lugs

Tough enough for an impact gun, yet super light. Less than half the weight of steel lugs. This design is as light and strong as possible, just like the 6UL. No 90° angles, with chamfers and radiuses everywhere to remove stress risers. Corrosion proof.  The 19mm hex design is much stronger than 17mm, while leaving plenty of room for a socket compared to 21mm lugs. When constantly changing wheels for racing these details matter.

  • 40mm long
  • Forged 7075 T-6 virgin aluminum
  • Radiused edges
  • Anodized with laser etched 949RACING logo.
  • Threaded through entire length of lug
  • 60° conical seat
  • 24 grams each

1 review for 12x1.5 949 Racing Forged Alloy Lugs

  1. David

    Simple and effective. If you are someone who gets bent out of shape because your lug nut finish starts to degrade after going berserk on them with an impact, this may not be for you. Chamfered edges allow the socket to engage easily. I always hand thread these on a couple turns first (as with any lug nut), drives home smooth every time. Torque to 85ft/lb. They are deceptively light in the hand as well, hard to describe.

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