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NVH with light flywheel

NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) changes with a Supermiata light flywheel

NVH associated with light flywheels are wholly dependent on the system configuration and not just on the flywheel itself.

-Urethane diff bushings increase NVH
-Exhaust system that resonates at certain frequencies increases NVH
-Not setting PPF height increases NVH
-B6 flywheel (200mm) increases NVH over BP (215mm) flywheel
-Harder motor mounts increase NVH over OEM mounts
-Worn, high mileage transmission increases NVH over lower mileage transmission
-Worn U-Joints
-B6 engine is inherently smoother than BP
-Hard top with soft top removed

NB motor mounts are softer than NA mounts, which are softer than Mazda Competition mounts.

Extreme examples
-A bone stock NB with our BP light flywheel will have virtually no NVH increase.
-An NA chassis with NB engine, header, high flow exhaust, lightweight race hard tp and no soft top, sound deadening removed from parcel shelf, PPF height not set, urethane bushings everywhere on a 150k transmission with a B6 light flywheel will sound like a giant coffee grinder when you lift off the throttle.

If NVH is a concern, stick with an NB light flywheel, OEM diff mounts, set your PPF height according to the Mazda FSM (Factory Service Manual) and make sure your U-joints do not have any roughness or play at any angle