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SuperMiata Competition Motor Mount Kit


Product Description

SuperMiata Race Comp Mounts with 70D Bushings

90-05 Miata  

We do not recommend these mounts for street use. The increased NVH(Noise, Vibration, Harshness) is too much for most drivers. Our Hybrid Mount Kit is a better choice for street car and dual duty cars.

Stop missing shifts!

A must have for competition. The original softer 55A durometer factory mounts allow the weight of the motor to tilt back and forth during hard cornering. This causes the shifter to swing back and forth leading to missed shifts.The SuperMiata Race Motor Mounts come with 70 durometer bushings. The 70D bushings will vibrate the car more than OEM style mounts, but are noticeably smoother than 88D and 95D durometers of other kits. The 88D and 95D durometers are only recommended for 100% drag or drift cars due to their severe vibration. The B series Miata engines are not smooth, so using a stiff mount improves shifting, at the cost of everything else shaking. These 70D bushings are the best compromise for precise shifts.

In comparison to the 75A rubber Mazda Competition mounts, the USA made SuperMiata Race Motor Mount replaces the entire oem hardware with a steel powder coated mount while incorporating a 70D urethane bushing to reduce engine/trans deflection more than any oem style mount. The SuperMiata Race Mounts will last longer and are servicable. SuperMiata Mounts only need service every few years instead of full replacement annualy like a tradional rubber mount.

The 01-05 factory oil pan has an extra mounting point. If you are using an 01-05 MBSP style oil pan/bottom end with 94-00 1.8 (BP05, BP4W head), you will want the 01-05 mounts.

Torque spec on through bolt 50 ft lbs


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