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949 Racing Anodized Aluminum Valves


Product Description

Price is per each
Caps included

 8 valves needed for a set of 6UL (2 per wheel).

Lightweight CNC aluminum alloy valves. These are top nut style to protect the valve from being damaged or unthreaded during mounting of stiff race tires. Less than half the weight of steel valves. Corrosion resistant and anodized. Laser etched 949 logo rumored to be worth an additional 3hp per valve.

Valves are surprisingly important. While rubber valves work fine for street use, they should replaced with every new tire change due to oxidation and moisture. Steel valves, while not susceptible to the same deterioration as rubber, will rust eventually and are heavier.

Aluminum alloy valves offer several benefits:

  • Corrosion proof
  • Safer. Under track conditions sustained heat can soften the rubber valves causing them to pop out. Many racing clubs and sanctioning bodies do not allow rubber valves on the track
  • Lighter. Alloy valves are about 30% lighter than rubber and 68% lighter than steel

Also works great for mountain bike, dirt bike, and motorcycle tubeless conversions.

1 review for 949 Racing Anodized Aluminum Valves

  1. Benjamin Radoslovich (verified owner)

    These work awesome for converting a mountain bike wheel into tubeless with a Schrader valve instead of the common not as durable Presta valve.

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